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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Webservices@Jdev903 - avoid generation of client-objects from wsdl?

When generating the client-stub for an existing WSDL-file that you have, you will notice that the generator builds up the valueObjects (coming as parameters, into exposed methods - in case of complex types)

Consider the following method: public void setPerson (Person pPerson) -> this will lead the wizard creating the Person class from the definition, .. even if they already exist in your Jdev project ..
@Customer we had about 40 different parameter-objects, so everytime regenerating the clients - a lot of work (renaming, deleting, editing the stub ...) - which turned out to gather at least some time, even if you know the steps :(

As Susan (one of our pm's for jdev) promised, at 9051 built, you will be able to decide wheter you want the wizard, generating those objects, or not - nice feature isn't it :-) ?


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