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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Oracle SOA Suite Patterns and Best Practices, Part 1 and 2

While having this idea for a while now, it took considerable time to make it reality, first to allocate the necessary time, and maybe even more to get over the start of writing :D

The first 2 chapters are live and can be found here.

Chapter 1: Virtualizing your service endpoints in ESB and using them from BPEL
Chapter 2: Using the Service Registry to enable a dynamic, reusable SOA

- more to come soon

Jeff, Mr. B2B is on the way finishing his contribution on BPEL and B2B and how those two components can make trading simple and solid.

Also coming in the next time, migration, deployment concepts, and governance, all from the source.

We are also keen for your feedback, or if you like to contribute, jsut drop me a line with what you think helps the community most


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