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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Presenting at ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2007 in Orlando

As fellow blogger Wilfred van der Deijl wrote on his blog, I got an email too, invitation to speak there - last year I got the slots from my manager (thx Dave :D), this year the are my own - awesome.

I'll present on 3 topics, two for beginners, and one intermediate
  • Managing successful SOA projects, a view beyond agile science
    The session will give an inside view into methodologies applied to govern successful SOA projects.We will discover some of the common challenges by examining the different phases of a project and by splitting the project into different categories - each representing its own set of issues, and how these can be successfully mastered - applying the right tools and the right skills. An insiders view - to make your SOA projects successful.

  • Oracle 11g — Oracle's Next Generation SOA Infrastructure
    which will give a sneak preview on 11g - the all integrated SCA based SOA plattform

  • Advanced Concepts of the BPEL Language
    which is one of the sessions from last year that was very well attended and that I also presented at Oracle Open World last year
Last year the conference was really well attended and Washington DC was great - although insanely hot and humid, which made every walk outside a little bit of a sauna, bath trip.

I hope to see you there - This conference is definetely worth the trip, and hey Daytona is not that bad :D


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