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Monday, April 02, 2007

Sjoerd Michels contributes to SOA Best Practice Series, on automated deployment

I am very happy (and proud) that I managed to get Sjoerd Michels (AMIS), one of our fellow SOA champions in europe, on board to contribute a new chapter to my SOA Suite Best Practice Series on OTN.

"In this Technical Note, you will learn to set up an automated build and deployment environment for your Oracle SOA Suite project. (Release of Oracle SOA Suite features improved automated build capabilities; instead of the Oracle-specific obant Ant tool, plain-vanilla Ant is now used for building and deploying BPEL suitcases.) The goal is to automatically build Oracle's SOA Suite Order Booking demo application and deploy it to an Oracle Application Server instance that runs Oracle SOA Suite. Oracle's demo application is ideal here because it uses all the components in Oracle SOA Suite: Oracle Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Oracle BPEL Process Manager, and Oracle Business Rules. The demo application also includes a number of Web services that are programmed in Java."

The whole article can be found here and while this one just got published there is lot more to come, especially around BPA, end to end design, and governance.

The next month will bring me back to europe to visit customers, help reviewing architectures, as well as speaking at several conferences throughout. Here is a sneak preview
  • SOA Telecom conference, Paris
    • Where I'll deep dive into implementing SOA in large enterprises and the many caveats when doing so

  • JAX (EAKON) 2007, Wiesbaden
    • After last year, I am happy to be back - this time on the SOA Management track, to evangelize together with a couple of good friends on the importance of the human factor

  • EOUC 2007, Amsterdam
    • The first year, the emea oracle user conference takes place, and it will be a blast - looking through the agenda, the lineup of sessions is unbelievable. I am happy to be part of it. This time it will be about technology, and the advanced concepts of the BPEL language.
If you are around, just send a ping, or come by the SOA booth after the session to say hello ..

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"we have not even touched on Oracle SOA Suite's possibilities for deploying to multiple environments, for example."

I guess he means lack of support...

8:41 AM

Blogger Clemens Utschig - Utschig said...

there is plenty of support like replaceable tokens and pre/post scripts. If you would tell me what you miss, I am happy to take that info and follow up with engineering,

cheers clemens

9:02 AM


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