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Thursday, April 01, 2004

JDK1.4 Drivers & OCI in BC4J - not that huge miracle :-)

Just as a little follow up on one of my posts, 'couple days ago;
Today I added some stuff, while i was debugging into a bc4j issue - with the Jdk1.4 drivers:

On friday afternoon, a nice thing poped up at a customer -BC4J, with OCI,
Basicly ct. want's to use OCI as db-driver instead of thin, and all that together with Jdk1.4. in Jdeveloper and iAS 903.
On otn there's a nice 'how-to' what you have to do.. and how to setup the stuff in a standalone java-app. Here are some additional infos, getting it to work ...
So everything starts with downloading the correct drivers from OTN (meaning the jars, and dll*s / so*s), and ensure that your oracle-client is working properly, .. then the fun really starts :)
(btw. as it's always best to use the dll*s, so*s and jars from the db distribution, the easiest way getting them is connecting to your DB-Server and copying ojdbc14.jar from /jdbc/lib and the dll*s from /bin directory of your DB.home)

Look for the dll*s / so*s in your $ORACLE_HOME/bin directory, if they are not there - download them into here, and the jar files into your lib-home.
When using jdev, ensure that you have correctly set $ORACLE_HOME (to the home of your ORACLE_CLient install) and that your path includes $ORACLE_HOME/bin - best, at the very first beginning ..
Secondly ensure that you extracted the driver-files to a new directory, and reference just the new ones (with a new lib) from your JDev -project;
Do not overwrite the old jar*s (named classes12.jar, classes12_dms.jar) in the $JDEV_HOME/jdbc/lib dir.
otherwise you will damage jdev - meaning you're not able to test your DB-connections, from the connections-tab any more, or browse through the data, on the other hand it's the only idea to ensure when you're testing with the new drivers, the old ones are not in the classpath :(

Afterwards just start jdeveloper from the shelll where you set all the env var*s, edit your connection from thin to oci - and voila it's working... :)

Having questions? Feedback me on this entry Clemens Utschig


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