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Monday, March 06, 2006

Another new feature: Oracle BPEL and Schematron validation

For all those not knowing what Schematron is, it's about content based validation for xml (see here for more info)

Here is a little example, let's consider the following instance XML:

<add sum="6">

The validation rule we want to apply is:
The value of the ‘sum’ attribute of ‘add’ must equal the sum of all the
‘item’ elements.

And the schematron code looks like this:

<sch:schema xmlns:sch="">
<sch:pattern name="Check sum">
<sch:rule context="add">
<sch:assert test="@sum = sum(item)">
The value of the sum attribute should
be the sum of all the values in the
item child elements.

Cool, really cool .. The power of Schematron is the ability of context based, cross document validation, you are able to do domain validation (like is Author a in my external list of allowed authors)

So what we are doing in BPEL with it? We integrated to it (and leverage it as external service) - and with BPEL PM 10.1.3 it will be avaiable as part of the bpel infrastructure - ready to use.

And of course preparing a nice sample on how to leverage this feature

If anyone out there is interested in a preview of this - pls. let me know, and
I'll send out my little sample, beta tag'ed :-)

Having questions? send your feedback on Schematron integration here


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