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Friday, April 07, 2006

BPEL 10.1.3: new security features

As I have seen quite a lot of security related questions on internal lists, as well as on the forums, I thought to mentions 2 new features of the embedded BPEL Security, that will show up in BPEL PM 10.1.3

  • In memory security - in you need to disable the optSoapShortcut to make security working between 2 chained processes, this limitation was fixed (bug 5139817)

  • Async callbacks need to supply credentials - another limitation that is gone, in 10.1.3 we recognize a callback and don't apply security (bug 5139817)

This should make it far easier to use security, specially in a common usecase that a process A calls a process B (its child) - in memory and with security.

Having questions? send your feedback on BPEL Security in 10.1.3 - new features here


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