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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Oracle iMeeting rocks - 6000 miles remote debugging

Well, some readers might have noticed, that I have not blogged the last days, and even worse, almost not responded on our BPEL forums here. The reason was a very short trip back to Vienna, where I originate from, to enjoy some nice days with my loved ones - and free up my brain for the final 10.1.3 QA cycles.

One day of them (friday), I decided to go to my old office, located beautifully, just accross the central inner district of vienna, to visit colleaques, and drop some stuff that I still had with me (laptop cable, cell phone and other stuff). At 2am! PDT (Pacific day time) the, in my previous entry mentioned, colleaque, called me - and I helped him via an iMeeting session, he was at home in LA, while I was in the office in Vienna (6000 miles all in all) - and remote debugging a problem in his BPELProcess. Cool - really cool.

Even greater, at a point he just granted me control, and suddenly I was real-time typing on his box, and modifying his process...

Welcome to the power of new collaboration tools, such as Oracle iMeeting!

Having questions? send your feedback on 6000 miles and iMeeting realtime here


Anonymous Olaf Heimburger said...

Just an old hat for me.

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