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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

BPEL Security - Could not apply security []

Today Angel, a fellow from OCS Spain reported a bug - with the following description:
When I have no security constraints specified in bpel.xml, I get the following exception - anyone seen this error too?

<2006-03-14 17:21:38,312> <FATAL> <> Applying security: null
<2006-03-14 17:21:38,326> <ERROR> <xxx.collaxa.cube.engine> <MessageHandlerManager::processInbound> Could not apply security []

This came from the moving of the security properties into the configurations section, away from the global suitcase level. Since version the security properties need to reside in the suitcase (bpel.xml) within the <configurations> element.

I have filed bug (5094981) and fixed it for 10.1.3. If needed just drop me a line, and I'll send you the patched class.

The workaround is to put an empty </configurations> tag into the suitcase, within the <BPELProcess> element.

Having questions? send your feedback on Exception when applying security [null] here


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