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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Using the public API provided within embedded java code (bpelx:java)

After seeing some questions around on out-of-the-box methods within a BPELX:EXEC activity I thought putting together a little note on methods I use most..

  • checkpoint():void - force dehydration (and commit)

  • getLocator():Locator - get the Locator to lookup other instances, processes

  • getInstanceId():String - retrieve the ID of the instance running != conversationID

  • getConversationId():String - get the conversation ID (GUID)

  • getCompletionPersistMode():String - get the mode (faulted, on, off)

  • getParentId():String - get the ID of the parent (can be null)

  • getPreference(String key):String - get a preference from the suitcase (bpel.xml)

  • getInstanceProperties():Map - returns the properties of this specif instances

and of course the probably most famous ones

  • set/getVariableData :-)

  • addAuditTrailEntry(String):void - add an entry to the Audit trail

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