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Saturday, May 06, 2006

A day in Europe - OTN Forums got me back

After being out for a week of sailing in croatia with my best friends to race the adriatics, it seems work got me back, on a saturday afternoon.
I noticed a fair amount of new entries on the OTN BPEL Forums.
which is a great sign that more and more people adopt SOA into their projects.

By now we still see a lot on how-to questions - making me think, that our documentation and samples might not be easy and simple enough, to have the basic ideas covered.

I hope to get some input here on what you would like to see in the docs and samples, to make the development experience and learning curve smoother..


Anonymous Bryan Liles said...

The examples that come with BPEL are fairly good. The problem is filling in all the gaps between the examples. I believe there should be a BPEL/Oracle Web Service Manager guide as well.

Another problem is moving from legacy systems to a SOA setup. Lots of companies have no real idea where to start.

7:58 PM


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