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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The biggest Openworld ever closed its doors - and what a great time it was

Last week was definetely insane! 40.000 customers, 10! locations around San Francisco, and more than 1600 sessions, all dedicated to the power of information sharing.

As most of my team, I litterally spent the whole week at Oracle World, as we constantly went back and forth from the demo grounds, to Oracle Develop, located at the Hilton, and customer meetings.

The first highlight? The SOA Suite distribution (for all number junkies, it's made it also in time, to be released to OTN (here) - yeah!

In a nutshell, what did happen?
.. and the who is who of IT came by to contribute a keynote (john chambers, michael dell, and many others), plently of analysts gathered to ask about this and that - and from customers we got overwhelming feedback.

Also a bunch of whitepapers made it in time for Oracle World, perfectly in line with Thomas' Keynote on standards. They can be found here

My sessions on "Integrating Content DB with Oracle BPEL Process Manager", "Advanced BPEL" and "SOA in the real world" - were very well attended, and especially overwhelming was the crowd interested in the advanced stuff on BPEL, covering themes like transactions, compensation, fault handling and BPEL 2.0.

.. and while blogging here from some 34000 feet - somewhere over England en route to Germany, my laptop battery is going down, mostly because of the non working poweplugs on LH 455, whatever .. I'll blog more on OOW when I get the pics that friends took during the week.


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