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Monday, August 28, 2006

Open Source in BPEL PM - it's all about contribution

Roughly 2 weeks ago we had a bug escalation, talking about soap calls targeting the wrong service endpoint URL (of another partnerlink), all under high stress of the engine (BPEL PM - as described in bug 5406376.

After some nights of debugging into our WSIF(Apache Webservice Invocation Framework) layer - we nailed it down to be something in the AXIS layer that we use under the covers to manage SOAP communication. Although a highly optimized, for our engine fixed and partly enhanced version, it's still Apache's good old AXIS.
Btw. as a short side note, we use WSIF to bind to all of our targets, not just SOAP, also EJB, J2CA and other features.

Another weekend went by, and suddenly there it was, a multithreading -overwrite class variable- condition, all causing the wrong endpoint to be called.

We fixed it locally, and voila, it worked.. also muruga opened an Axis issue on JIRA, here AXIS-2540 and submitted a patch.

This is open source collaboration! Take it, use it, fix it - and feed it back!


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