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Monday, August 07, 2006

... back to work

After 2 and some weeks of incredible holidays, discovering California, driving some 1000 miles from Napa to St. Barbara, visiting Stanford and Berkeley etc.etc.etc, it's time to focus back on SOA, and our upcoming plattform :D

Here are some important news of the last weeks
  • Open Service Oriented Architecture ( is LIFE - and Sun is a Partner

    The Open SOA Collaboration represents an informal alliance of industry leaders that share a common interest: defining a language-neutral programming model that meets the needs of enterprise developers who are developing software that exploits Service Oriented Architecture characteristics and benefits. The Collaboration is not a Standards Body; it is an alliance who wish to innovate rapidly in the development of this programming model and to deliver Specifications to the community for implementation. These specifications are made available to the community on a Royalty Free basis for the creation of compatible implementations. When mature, the intent is to hand these specifications over to a suitable Standards Body for future shepherding.

  • Oracle signs agreement with IDS Scheer on Aris

    Oracle's BPM product portfolio, which now includes IDS Scheer's ARIS Platform, will support a customer's entire business process lifecycle, ranging from modeling and simulation to deployment and optimization across heterogeneous IT systems.

  • Oracle SOA Suite preview is coming soon, really soon

  • The last weeks got us a big push and a great candidate for the public preview of the upcoming SOA Suite release (which is for the first time an integrated Suite containing BPEL, ESB, OWSM, and Rules [and B2B])
    It's time to bookmark, and watch out for news..

More after reading some tons of emails ..


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