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Friday, June 23, 2006

ODTUG and beyond ..

Back from this year's ODTUG - and reading through the various blogs, to figure out how well we performed and what people thought on our message.

To me it looks like Marko Tilli's Keynote was received very well (I must admit I had the same impression after it). Our fellows from AMIS provided almost real time coverage what's going on in DC, and here is their view.

Now, after spinning around the globe for almost 3 weeks, it's time for some homework. As we are in the final stages for - the heads down moved into its hot phase. Testing, samples - everything needs to be verified, to ensure a smooth development experience. But not just that - also that upgrades from are working as we expect.

For the next weeks I'll have my hands on the hot issues from the BPEL forums as well as supporting our beta program, to ensure we fix whatever get's discovered there.


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