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Saturday, June 03, 2006

BPEL PM - new features part 2

I thought to blog on three really cool new features - that we have put a lot of work into, to provide even greater development/deployment- and runtime-experience in our upcoming BPEL PM version
  • Human Workflow

    • Evolving the wizard driven approach to a single page for all configuration

    • More adHoc capabilities, such as delegation, and reassignment, based on the role

    • Frontend can be not just a JSP but also a word document

    • Great enhanced User interface, including a (one or more) workqueue(s), and shared queues

    • Out of office (vacational) rules

    • Notifications have been improved, specially actionable emails

  • Deployment and adminstration

    • Clustered deployment becomes a lot easier, as the cluster will take care of the shared deployment, process artifacts are stored in the db

    • Ant based compilation and deployment, with user hooks to replace variables e.g hostname, port ..

  • Integration of a Service Registry

    • Discovery of services in the UDDI straight out of JDeveloper

    • Dynamic lookup of endpoints/concrete WSDLs at runtime, therfor real loosely coupling

A preview of most of the new features can be found on our BPEL PM webinar site here


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