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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

BPEL Security Patch and JAX 2006 slides on SOA Project Mgmt

After a great day 1 at JAX, quite a crowd in my session on SOA Project Management and not to forget a tough last night with serious fight against powerpoint (to change the master layout of my presentation), day 2 arises here on the Oracle@JAX Booth. A very well organized conference, and a lot of great speakers around. And of course a nice JAX party to welcome the international crowd.

Jonas Jacobi, our JSF/Ajax PM & Evangelist, made it to JAX too (to speak about JSF) and came by the booth yesterday - a lot to chat, specially about his new book on "JSF and AJAX".
We see a lot of interest, and some quite suprised faces, asking questions like "What the hell is Oracle doing at the JAX with a database?".
Just as side comment, Oracle is far more than a database company, and offers beside a j2ee compliant container a fledged SOA suite too (from ESB to BPEL and webservice mgmt)

Some folks around here asked for my slides on SOA Project Management, they can be downloaded here.

Besides, due to the fact that I am in Europe right now, it's hard to check in code for a general BPEL SecurityExtension patch for BPEL PM, some customers have asked about too. (which will of course be included in the patchset) -
This is a backport of the features mentioned here and the following bugs

  • 5162260 - Inbound HTTP post with security fails (premature end of file)

  • 5187490 - Outbound basic HTTP authentication in a SOAPBinding, expects wsseUsername/Password instead of basicUsername/Password

Buddy olaf heimburger, a good friend, agreed to share some space on his blog for my files. Thx to him, you can download the unofficial patch (for bug 5200667) here. After download extract the jar file into $BPEL_HOME/integration/orabpel/system/classes and restart your server.

Having questions? send your feedback on JAX 2006 slides and BPEL Cummulative security patch here


Blogger the1cure said...

(After some help from Clemens) I was able to POST in 10.1.2 ...
I had to apply a Patch and then also replace the HttpBindingServlet.class
I am trying to do the same with the BPEL in the SOA Suite.
I have an HTML form calling the bpel process and passing parameters and doing a POST but I am not getting the input parameters into the BPEL process.
This is a similar symptom as with 10.1.2 before I added the HttpBindingServlet.class
But before I mess anything up, thought I'd ask how I can POST to a BPEL process in this version.

Thank you,

4:11 PM

Blogger Clemens Utschig - Utschig said...

they should use the new parameters as shown in the sample .. bpel/samples/turorials/102.invokingProcesses/jsp/xxx.html

5:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm trying to setup basic security scenario wherein a BPEL process invokes a web service through partnerlink. The web service has https based server-certificate only security in place. Is there a how-to guide for that? I tried putting server certificate in cacerts keystore, but it keeps giving me "premature end of file" error.

7:06 PM


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