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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Day one at J-One

Yesterday I spent the whole day on our booth at java one, showing the latest versions of Oracle BPEL Process Manager and Oracle ESB. Both are part of the upcoming SOA Suite, our integration plattform, including other cools things such as the Oracle Webservice Manager. A lot of questions were on future standards ,that might color products and the market, and that are supposed to make integration in heterogenious enviroments even easier.

I got the impression that we received quite nice attention, and are meanwhile recognized as part SOA club of vendors.

Besides that I met my old friends Duncan Mills (Faces and Struts Guru, who is in the last cycles of his new book) - and a deja vu from last week Jonas Jocobi (who just published his new book on faces).

What better chance you can get, as having the two gurus giving you a quick workshop on faces and our strategy behind.

Besides Omar Tazi was around, to evangelise on our Open Source Strategy (and all we have donated to several groups). He shows EJB 3.0, Project Dali and several other bits and pieces

If you have a chance, visit the Oracle Booth - and join us for Mission Impossible 3, today night at the cinema.


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