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Thursday, May 11, 2006

JAX: Time for networking and EJB 3.0

Besides the fact that a developer conference, such as this years JAX offers a lot of valuable content during its technical sessions and workshops, it's an even more valuable place for meeting new people and network around the Booth.

Where else do you have the chance to get hold of a product manager, get customer feedback on products straight away - and hear about interesting projects, and their challengens. Taking an add word, it's just "All Inclusive". And for us a place to show face - and get input's from 360 degrees.

After all, this year's keynotes, on SOA, future aspects of development and Eclipse Calisto have been of tremendous help to vision the future, from fellows around the globe. Nevertheless - one thing was missing in there - EJB 3.0, and that's the next keynore, in just a few minutes.

Doug Clark, fellow Toplink Product Manager, will talk later the day on some key aspects of the EJB 3.0 spec, that has silently passed final review some time last week.

Just saw his slides and one nice thing I remember is a pretty cool equasion
[Entity] = POJO + Annotation(s) + ORM
... straight and simple, isn't it? ( no integrals, no whatsoever :-) )

Tonight I'll head to Berlin, to meet with a customer tomorrow - talking on deployment strategies and creating a solid development process, all before heading back to next week's Java One (Oracle's Java Developers Guide to Jave One)


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