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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

BPEL the 'right' usage of boolean

Today Flemming,
a fellow from Denmark (I went there earlier this year to give a BPEL course) - posted some strange behaviour on the OTN BPEL forums.

"The implementation of the boolean() function in BPEL (version have an FATAL ERROR.

boolean(0) gives 1 and
boolean(false) gives 1"

Sounds little strange indeed, so I build a little testcase to see what is going on, the results are strange - but can be used to conclude a workaround.

Here are my findings (all within an <assign> activity).

comes from boolean('true')

comes from boolean(true)

comes from boolean('false')

comes from boolean(false)

comes from boolean(0)

comes from boolean(1)

The conclusion is to use boolean('true') to get true and boolean('false') to get false, Or use numbers.

I have filed bug 5241764 for this - and hope to get it into the upcoming release.


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