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Saturday, May 20, 2006

JavaOne 2006 - impressions

Coming home from this year's JavaOne - I thought to share my impressions.

Oracle got a lot of attention on the new SOA Suite that was presented publicly for the first time. Quite a lot people came to our SOA Booth to see the latest and greatest toolset. Specially the interest on our latest baby, the Oracle's Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), was great to see.

Thomas Kurian's keynote (remember at 8.30 am) attracted a huge crowd, keen to see what Oracle does in the SOA space - and the great feedback we received during the week was showing that we are on the right track.
  • Oracle ESB

    • Oracle's ESB moves data (from n source endpoints to m target endpoints)

    • It supports point to point communication and canonical models

    • Communication can be sync or async

    • Each and every message can be traced/tracked

    • .. and last but not least - what you see is what you get (design time and runtime)

  • Oracle BPEL PM 10.1.3

    • A great makeover happened, to make the usability even greater and several enhancements on all rough edges (watch the webinar here)

  • Open Source

    • Java Persistence (JPA, Part of EJB 3.0) - Oracle leads the expert group, and provides the reference implementation, called Toplink Essentials (based on the core TL engine). The Eclipse Dali project is also worth to mention, as it provides drag and drop development for JPA

    • Apache myFaces (open source implementation of JSF) - Oracle contributed the ADF faces library a year ago to Apache - and we got great attention on the booth. As written previously, Jonas published his new book on JSF (together with fellow John) - and we saw a great talk of the committers in our theatre, that attracted a nice crowd

Overall it was definetely a great week - and I am happy to see that we are recognized as a member of the SOA family. I got the chance to meet up with a lot of open source fellows (a good feeling to see so many Austrians contributing to Apache projects), and see what other companies in the SOA space go for.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Small correction:

AFAIK Oracle announced contribution of ADF faces to the myfaces project at the end of 2005. That's 5 months ago.
Not to mention it is in apache repository only for a month or so.

I expect a lot from myfaces and ADF combo.

12:25 PM

Blogger Clemens Utschig - Utschig said...

yup you are correct - currently it's in the incubator!

7:01 PM

Anonymous Wilfred van der Deijl said...

I need a conference key to show the BPEL webinar :-(

7:45 AM

Blogger Clemens Utschig - Utschig said...

bpel as password should do it

7:49 AM

Anonymous Shinryo Nonin said...

ZDNet Japan, one of the largest Internet news site in Japan reports about your demoes in Oracle Booth as a JavaOne 2006 report.,2000056182,20118388-3,00.htm
I'm afraid it is written in Japanese‚Ä™:)

This report was the most popular article in this site yesterday!

10:05 AM


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