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Saturday, May 27, 2006

A week of SOA Suite Beta testing with partners

Last couple of days have been pretty stressful with having 30 partners around, testing the first BETA version of the SOA Suite. This week was not just used for testing but also gave all the people that attended a great chance to network, and tell us where in their opinion we could improve.

We (Engineers, PMs and QA people from all different areas) got a lot of great feedback during the week and now it's time to get all these little issues, that have been identified, back into the product.
Here starts the real work - creating testcases for each issue, filing Bugs or Enhancements - and of course making sure that at least all the critical ones make it 'til the release.

Also during last weeks we had the internal bug hunt running, and next week we should have some final results from there too.

Overall a great, but stressful week passed by .. giving us a heads-up where we can/need to improve.


Anonymous Venkat said...


Are there any testing tools (like junit) for BPEL. I am using


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