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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

BPEL Dynamic Endpoints cause NPE

On the forums there was a long discussion on Dynamic Partner links, and after all Koen has found the solution, that represents another impact of a know bug.

In some cases IDE adds whitespaces to entries (breaks before and after the value), and at some points this proves to be specially enoying. One is in the setText() XPath function within a stylesheet transformation (XSL) - especially here a develper usually want to make sure that the exact amount of digits is set. Another one that showed up is when using dynamic partnerlinks.

Quoted is his answer, also to be found here

In the literal xml fragment in the copy-statement, JDeveloper generates whitespaces and newlines, every time you use the designer, even without actually editing the bpel.


<to variable="partnerReference"/>
One must delete these whitespaces and newlines manually every time before building the process.

I guess this is a great example of collaboration on our BPEL forums, and something we are very proud of..

An a public thanks you to all our fellows anserwing questions.


Anonymous Sean Carey said...

Clemens, there's a way to modify this example such that this bug will not occur with each deployment of the process. See my article here: in the section "Creating a Dynamic BPEL Process", step 7.

1:25 AM


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