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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

BPEL samples - where do I find my cheese? and outbound HttpBinding explained ..

Sometimes an explaination of a sample seems to be more worth then the sample itself. Most of our fellow Oracle BPEL PM users are aware of the ton of samples we ship to show almost every feature we offer.

All of them can be found in $BPEL_HOME/integration/orabpel/samples - or simply by opening the developer prompt.

Their structure is as follows
  • demos - these are comprehensive demos, such as the famous LoanFlow

  • hw - everything around the Human Workflow piece of BPEL, including the complete worklist app with sourcecode

  • interop - demonstrating interop with other vendors and SOAP stacks (axis, IBM, MSFT)

  • references - these part includes reference samples for the core BPEL activities (assign, invoke, reply, ..)

  • tutorials - here are our features by example

  • and utils - including the famous CreditRatingService

Coming back to the beginning of this note, our fellow friends from AMIS published a note today on how to successfully use http-binding to retrieve information from a website (a Servlet in their case) - it's a great article, and definetely worth reading ..

The link is here


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