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Friday, August 18, 2006

Oracle SOA Suite 10.1.3 - Top 4 install tips

Last week we released the Developer Preview of the upcoming SOA Suite 10.1.3. It can be downloaded from OTN - here

After reading through the OTN forums for BPEL and SOA Suite it seems worth to capture the top three items you should follow when installing.

  • 1) Make sure your Oracle Home that you choose to install the SOA suite is as close to the root as possible. So instead of c:\Oracle\products\soasuite1013 you might want to consider installing into c:\soasuite1013, this is because of the overall (class)path length restriction that some OS'es have

  • 2) Make sure you have a temp directory defined, on windows it's usually c:\temp, on linux it's /tmp, and make sure there is some space in it (needed for ESB)

  • 3) No spaces in the path, JDeveloper and the Suite do not like them. So instead of "c:\soasuite 1013\" choose c:\soasuite1013

  • and 4) follow the preinstall steps (swap space, kernel params and so on)


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