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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Oracle Open World 2006 slides and two new articles

After being quiet for quite a while now, I thought to publish some information from my open world sessions and links to two of my (joint) articles that were recently published.

My slides about Advanced BPEL topics, including Compensation, Transactions, and WSIF can be found here.

Matt Shannon from the Content DB team and me teamed up to demo the integration between Content DB and Oracle BPEL PM, which currently evolves into a sample - slides are here

Also the introduction during Oracle XTreme that me and my whole team gave - on using all the components together to create a composite application is online - and to be found here

Attention: you need to login with cboracle/oraclec6

Also two recent articles were published, ..

One on Data Services in the Java Developers Journal, where Doug Clarke from Toplink PM team and me paired up, to write about "Accessing data in the Service Oriented World" is here.

The second one, where Jesus from TwoConnect, Heidi Buelow- one of my fellows on our team and I teamed up - to demonstrate "WSI with BPEL and WCF in the real world". It can be found here.

Also, to keep my fellow readers informed, I just started off with my best practice series on the SOA Suite, which explores patterns and best practices when using the components - more on this soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Clemens,

I am planning to do MSc Dissertation on BPEL and Business Rules.

And I am having some confusions - Oracle's BRE is part of BPEL? or it's a seprate BRMS (business rules management system)?


12:43 PM

Blogger Clemens Utschig - Utschig said...

It's part of the SOA Suite, and its own component. It can be leveraged directly out of BPEL, via the decision service.

hth clemens

3:41 PM


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