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Monday, June 14, 2004

ADF @ JDeveloper 10g

just back from a short sailing trip in my favorite region, the adriatic sea, i started today playing with the 10g JDeveloper ADF/JSP features, and it's becoming real fun around this :)

As our ct*s are now switching into 10g direction, so it's time (as promised earlier) to publish some thought and hints around the nice features our fellow developers have put into it.

One of the first nice things i started loving is the very enhanced visual struts editor that makes configuring your struts config - little like a click, move, and play game.

Further more when using the JSTL tags, introspection is now working faster and better then before, so at least for using those features, it's worth givin' it a try.

So keep tuned, 10g is coming along the' road.

Having questions? Feedback me on this entry ADF-Struts features @9051


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