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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

iAS903 & OCI, the never ending story, today upgrading to a new OracleCLient Version :)

Well, another day, another OCI thing - that I want to share with you, ..
In some circumstances, when using OCI, you will take the decision, to upgrade your drivers to the newest suitable release, because of bugfixes or some other reasons ..

But how to do this on a normal iAS -shiphome installation, that delivers its own client (V.9014) ?
IT'S NOT CERTIFIED, JUST TO INSTALL THE NEW CLIENT INTO THE $IAS_HOME, this will damage your iAS installation - and will NOT be supported

Anyway, here's what to do (in addition to one of my last entries):
  • Install Oracle Client (in the version you need) into a seperate $ORACLE_HOME on the server
  • shutdown opmn
  • goto $IAS_HOME/opmn/conf and edit opmn.xml
  • in the container you use for the application, you should have, when followed my last entry, already an "Enviroment-Tag" consisting of the following:
          <prop name="LD_LIBRARY_PATH" value="/home/oracle/client9204/lib"/>

  • Just add another line saying  
        <prop name="ORACLE_HOME" value="/home/oracle/client9204"/>
        where "/home/oracle/client9204", is the directory of the newly installed OracleClient.
        After this update the config of opmn once again ... and voila, you're done ...

    Having questions? Feedback me on this entry about upgrading ociDrivers


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