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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

iAS/OC4J 903: Creating your own custom login-module

Ever needed to connect to different "data"sources for login, then provided in the standard distribution of iAS/OC4J?

Well, if you have to do this, it's pretty easy and probably something around a day of work ... :)

All starts with creating your own CustomLoginModuleClass and implementing the - which is the base interface for a (your custom) loginModule.

Having this interface implemented, and your own logic there to validate users against whatever, you're just some more steps beyond having it working ... :)

The first is the deployment of your new loginModule class. Basically you have two choices here, putting it (including all the necessary libs you have used) into the %JAVA_HOME/jdk/jre/lib/ext of the jdk that is used as runtime for your container, or the second way (which is from my point of view the very better way), extract from oc4j.jar and add your jar to the classpath in there.

The very last thing to do is adding your new LoginConfiguration, including the loginModule class into jazn-data.xml, from the home container (%OC4J_HOME/j2ee/home) and voila, you should be able to call it out of your application by using a loginContext.

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