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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

JDeveloper 10g & CVS -> cool integration

JDev10g is released, and i started working with it :)
Among some other stuff, i started playing with the cvs-stuff, and after some minutes, needed to install the cvs on my w2k! box (read here, how this is working) i just created the cvs connection (Tab Connections -> CVS-Server) .. and voila, i was logged on.

So what came next? basically i started with creating my new Project, and afterwards, when my structure was there .. just went to the Project, right-mouse-click, import .. and followed the wizard, where i had to choose the folder, where it starts importing, and a label .. -> that's it .. we're done ..

What a great thing Stuart (the PM for the stuff) and his team did ..

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