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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

LoginModules, now in every container you want ...

after talking with a colleque, i remembered a bug I filed around a year ago against iAS 903, where it was just possible to define a loginmodule in the home container.

Raymond, the security god of iAS, made it happen, with iAS 10g you can define your custom-loginmodule, in every container you want.

What's the trick? 3 easy steps to do,
  1. Develop your own loginmodule .. as described in one of my previous posts, and put the jar file in the applib directory of your oc4j container
  2. Modify the server-settings of your oc4j container, to use the jazn.xml of the named container, as if this parameter is not specified, it will use the one of the home-container
    property is"FULL-PATH-TO-YOUR-JAZN.XML"
  3. Add the loginmodule defintion into the oc4j container specific jazn-data.xml

and voila, you're done ... :-)

Thx Raymond, for the nice implementation, and thx Christian for finding it out and telling me ..


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