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Friday, October 15, 2004

Logging issues with BC4J

On otn I saw a couple of questions concerning logging of our ADF-BC4J framework,
so I thought putting a little article here that explains what to do.

Basically there are 2 different levels, where and how to specify the parameters that control the logging within the framework;

1) Within the bc4j configuration (bc4j.xcfg):
  • jbo.debugoutput
    (valid options: console/file/silent, default: silent - specifies where/if the framework writes debug msgs)
  • jbo.jdbc.trace
    (valid options: true/false, default: false - if set to true, the framework will write all generated sql-stmts to the specified output of jbo.debugoutput)
  • jbo.jdbc.driver.verbose
    (valid options: true/false, default: false - if set to true, additional infos from the jdbc driver)
  • jbo.logging.trace.treshold
    (valid options: 1 - 10, default: 3 - the higher the loglevel, the more debug output you will see)

2) Within the Project as System Parameters

All of these parameters can be specified as java options too (-Djbo.debugoutput=console) which will make them System properties, that overule those specified within the bc4j configuration.

In the case of two projects, one that holds the business component packages, one for the weblient, I recommend specifying those parameters as System parameters within the webproject, because otherwise, due to the classlaoder it will have no effects.

Where to do that?
In the project - properties, tab runner, @ the java-options textfield.
Hint: Don't forget the -D before the parameter!


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