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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

ADF & JSP - Create a simple findpage without calling it from the edit mode

When today working around with ADF,
i came through a small, but very important feature - most of our customers want to use.

Basically it's all about implementing a "standalone" findpage, without coming from an input mask.

So the first step is creating a new Datapage in your Struts-pageflow, and open the corresponding JSP.
Next step is, dragging the VO, from the data-control pane, that should act as find-mask as "input form" (simply choose it from the combo below on the tab) .. this will lead the JDeveloper - (code)generation engine, creating a new UIModel (notation your-pageUIModel) for the page you created, starting like this:

   EnableTokenValidation="true" >

.. now simply change the FindMode="false" to FindMode="true" and you're done!

OK, now you can put in stuff, but still you don't have buttons to execute your query;
So what next?

Just go back to the DataControl tab, expand the VO you used for the findpage, and go to Operations there. Choose the "Execute" - operation and drag it as "button with form" on your page..
After this is done you should be able to search with your freshly created findpage.

Having questions? Feedback me on this entry ADF-JSP, simple findpage


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